Led Cellar Lights

At the beginning of the 20th century, the light had been verified that can present organoleptic risks to our wines. UV is not the only case of deviations, certain wavelengths in the visible are harmful to our wines, especially in the lower spectrum(blue cyan). Even short light exposures have a cumulative effect on the appearance of the taste. Our cellar light with a narrow spectrum centered on 590nm, is the most protective and ideal solution for this application.

In the cella storage areas, lighting should be as protective as possible. The emission spectrum to choose is therefore a narrow spectrum and centered on 590nm. But this choice should not be made on the visual rendering of the lighting. Our cellar light has a perfect light emission spectrum, which protects the taste of wine.

As proof, a test was carried out with two lamps both with a spectrum whose maximum peak is located at 590nm, but with different emission spectra as shown in the figure below. The left doesn't change the wine, while the right causes deviations.