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As one of the sports lighting manufacturers for over 10 years, Unicornlite stadium lights supplier provides various lighting solutions for different led indoor stadium lighting and led outdoor stadium lighting.


Professional high mast light is required more and more for applications of sports fields as it influences players' performance and contributes to the proper arbitrage. Spectators should enjoy the match safely and without the inconvenience caused by glare effects or uneven light.
Sniper series led stadium lighting was born for different outdoor sports field lighting and different standard. Our optical system has been designed to ensure high power but minimize glare. And visor system is used to avoid backlight and spill light.
A transient voltage suppressor with a 1500w peak pulse capability at 10/1000us waveform is used to protect LEDs from voltage transient induced by lightning. IP66 waterproof and Akzonobel coating makes the best corrosion proof.
Driver boxes can be fixed on a bracket or on a pole in order to lower the weight of stadium lighting fixtures and easy maintenance.
"PROLUX" outdoor field lighting is the ideal solution for applications where not only lux on the ground are asked, but also homogeneity, small beam angle, long lifetime, and UV resistance are even more important.
With TVs on PCB, 1500w peak pulse capability with at 10/1000us waveform protecting LEDs from voltage transient induced by lighting.
Driver external is less weight. Power decay is less than 2w of 25m distance. The high power driver is 300w/600w/1200w per unit. Unicornlite led football field lighting is easy to replace the driver.
10 kinds of optics are provided to optimize the performance of led field lights. The different beam angle is used based on different stadium and different mast height. Dialux simulation for led sports lights can be provided for free within 2 days.
When a local television station is recording the event, lighting plays a key role in the quality of pictures and videos. Our outdoor stadium lights deliver bright levels with high uniformity, allowing cameras to capture vivid colours, crisp images, and fast movements. Unlike traditional led football field lights, our stadium led lights are flicker-free, allowing us to capture every single moment of the action with details, even in slow motion.
A led floodlight is the ideal solution for indoor as well as outdoor sport field lights.
To ensure that every match and show can be performed smoothly, and to assist operatives to remain live broadcast, the right lighting solution is indispensable. For appropriate lighting intensities with wide-area, homogeneous illumination, optimum colour rendering, and dimmable in every situation and for every activity under a proper led arena lights.
The optics of Unicornlite led floodlights for sports fields were specially developed to minimize glare and maximize homogeneity. With an anti-glaring film on the lens and a shield in front, Unicornlite led stadium light manufacturer managed to achieve UGR<21 for Navigator led stadium flood light.
Games where objects often fly at certain heights can cause damage to stadium light fixture with minimal impact protection. The Navigator series LED sports field lighting fixture, certified up to IK10 rating, is engineered with mesh protection design and durable materials, offering higher impact resistance than normal fixtures.
Anti-glaring indoor stadium lights led are required more and more for applications where people don't feel comfortable with the glaring light, especially when the light were not very high indoors. Mildbeam is the led floodlights ideal solution for visual protection for led sports lighting. This increases the performance and the quality of staff.
The optics were specially developed to minimize glare and maximize homogeneity. With an anti-glaring film on the lens and a shield in front of stadium led lighting, Unicornlite led stadium light supplier managed to achieve UGR<19.
With a ceiling installation accessory equipped with mains lead, the two suspension points at the ceiling could be combined into a one-point installation. This saves time and cost for the installation of sports field lights. And even vibrations and air movements are no longer able to twist it.
It could be applied to cricket stadium lights, led baseball stadium lights, arena flood lights, ballpark lighting, soccer stadium lights, or led football stadium lights.