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Project: Led Football Stadium Lighting / Led Soccer Field Lighting

Lights: 32pcs 750W Highlander High Mast Light



As we all know, football stadium lighting is very important to athletes’ competitions, audience watching, TV broadcasting, print media, and venues advertisements. Football stadium lighting design requires professional football field lighting standards, such as illuminance standards, uniformity, colour temperature, glare and other standards. However, all of this is not a problem. With more than ten years of experience in stadium light, Unicorn Lighting will provide you with these professional technical services. Whether a professional court or an amateur sports court, Unicorn Lighting (Unicornlite) will offer you the most professional and satisfactory led lighting solutions according to your actual needs.


First of all, we need to figure out the EN12193 standard and competition level of football stadium lighting. Professional international football field lights with television broadcasts require the highest. On the contrary, the requirement for amateur/ recreational football or soccer stadium lights is the lowest. Please see the form below the minimum requirements.


To make it more clear, we need to know the below.

Minimum Lux (Emin lx) is the maintained minimum illuminance.


What’s the Uniformity of illumination?

Uniformity of Illuminance U2 specifies the ratio of the minimum lighting level (Emin) to the maximum light level (Emax) in a specified area, and U1 means the ratio of the minimum illuminance (Emin) to the average illuminance (Eav). 

The requirement for uniformity of illumination mainly stems from TV cameras. Whats more, disproportionate uniformity can also cause visual pain to athletes and spectators. Uniformity of illumination is used to control viewing conditions over the entire field. U2 facilitates viewing functions. U1 is good for visual comfort.


How is uniformity of illuminance calculated?

U2 = E (minimum) / E (maximum)

U1=E (minimum) / E (average) 

GR is short for glare rating

RA issued as the general CRI. The colour rendering index defines the ability of a light source to accurately reveal colours.


What wattage are stadium lights?

The LED stadium light wattage range from 100W-1500W/piece.

The selection of light source power is related to the number of lamps and light sources, and at the same time, it affects parameters such as illuminance uniformity and glare index in lighting quality. Therefore, selecting the right power of the light source according to the site conditions would make the lighting solution more cost-effective. The power of the high mast or flood lights for football pitch is classified as follows: 1000W or more (excluding 1000W) is high power; 1000~400W is medium power; 250W or less is low power. The power of the light source should be suitable for the size, installation location and height of the stadium field. Outdoor led football pitch lights should use high-power and medium-power LED lights for football fields, and indoor stadiums should choose small and medium LED stadium flood light.  


How many lights are in a football stadium?

LED lights are quickly and widely used in stadium lighting. This will greatly reduce the number and power of lamps. The quantity of led lights depends on your actual needs. Let's take some project proposals for example. 


International/National Professional Stadium Lighting Project
The Professional standard 11-a-side football field on the left is Class I in the EN12193 standard, It needs 6pcs 18m high mast poles. 
40pcs 1200w and 4pcs 1000w floodlights for football are used together to meet the requirements of lighting uniformity.
Eav is 529lx
U1 is 0.79, U2 is 0.63
GR Max is 43. The smaller the better
Recreational football Led Sports Lighting Project  
The amateur football field lighting belongs to Class III. It requests 4pcs 18m poles. And 8pcs 1200w high mast lights would be ok.
The Eav is 89lx > 75lx
U1 is 0.58
U2 is 0.42
GR would be below 45

If you have a project on hand at the moment, please dont hesitate to contact us. We would offer you the best football stadium lights solution with a competitive wholesale stadium lights price. 

After we manage the knowledge of led football pitch floodlights, let's see the advantage of football outdoor stadium lights. 

  1. Low Glare, Flicker Free, Low Back Light, Low Spill Light
  2. High UV resistance, PMMA lens + Tempered glass
  3. Brand Led and Driver
  4. External driver for high power products for easy maintenance
  5. High Quality, Long Life Time
  6. 5 years 100% warranty



What will Shenzhen Unicorn Lighting provide for you?

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