Basketball Court Lighting

Unicornlite focused on indoor and outdoor basketball court lighting for over 10+ years. Our products are available for half and full basketball court lighting including commercial, residential, recreational, as well as professional. No matter for school, college, backyards, public parks, or professionals, we could offer the best basketball court lights with the below support for you.

  1. High-quality basketball court lights and 100% warranty
  2. Free technical support including layout and professional suggestions - If your customer needs an indoor basketball court lighting layout, please send us your indoor basketball court lighting requirements directly or DWG format drawings. Then our technical team would make it free of charge for you by DIALux. 
  3. OEM ODM
  4. Private label or white label products
  5. Stock in Europe, free vat, 2 days delivery

Any problems, please write to us at any time. 


The quality and performance of basketball court lights are critical to creating a safe and attractive environment for players and spectators. They make it more enjoyable for those who love basketball.

Below we share some indoor and outdoor court lighting projects from Unicornlite. 


Project: Outdoor basketball court lighting

Location: China

Light: 24pcs 200w Outdoor Flood Lights for Basketball Court

Product: Navigator


What are the outdoor basketball court lighting standards?


  1. Waterproof, Durable, Avoid Lightning Strikes
  2. Reduce Light Pollution
  3. Anti-glaring
  4. No Flicker for Television Broadcast



Project: Indoor basketball court lighting

Location: Italy

Light: 35pcs 200w Anti-Glaring Highbay URG<19 IK10 160LM/W Europe Patent

Product: Mildbeam


What are the indoor basketball court lighting standards?


1. Choose a lower wattage

2. Anti-glare, soft light, and high uniformity

3. Avoid placing basketball court lights directly on the sports field

4. Get the right CR(color rendering)

5. Choose LED lights on basketball courts to provide higher energy efficiency

6. Make sure you have the proper LUX level

7. Flicker-free for professional basketball court lights 


The lighting characteristics of Unicornlite Mildbeam indoor basketball lighting are not dazzling, soft light, and high uniformity. It has been unanimously recognized by wholesalers, buyers, contractors as well as end consumers like athletes, referees, and spectators! 


As the stadium lights have higher requirements for quality and standards, you would request higher requirements from professional suppliers. If you are looking for such a quality LED basketball court lights manufacturer and supplier, please contact us now. We will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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